Travel Diaries

My parents instilled a love of travel in me at a very young age. Early on I remember being whisked away to Disneyworld, the Alamo, and my personal favorite: our summer home in Hilton Head. Fast forward to now and I still maintain that gyspy soul and vibrant hope for the unknown, but my traveling has been cut way short because, well, adult (job, fur baby, bills, responsibilities, etc.) So when I get the chance to get away, better believe I'm taking that leap!

If you knew me two years ago you'd probably be able to attest the fact that my life has changed immensely. If you didn't know me two years ago then HEYYY! Glad you stopped by my blog. But I digress, I was depressed, failing out of school, in a long term relationship but pining after an ex, isolated from my family, had no friends and just kinda generally in one of my worst slumps since Mark died.

My how things have changed. I drove 18 hours (on my own I might add) to see FRIENDS in Vermont for a weekend workshop with Patrick Beach

It all started with a weeklong retreat to Aruba last year. My boyfriend at the time was spending Thanksgiving hunting with his family in New Hampshire. I was invited to join of course, but being the vegan I am, politely declined, instead choosing to go on my first yoga retreat to beautiful, sunny Aruba. To say I had a blast would be an understatement. I did way too much yoga, scuba dived for the first time, took tons of pictures, and made new friends. Which brings us back to now. Gorgeous yoga couple Cilla and Noah own Sukha Yoga in Burlington and we decided to have a mini Aruba reunion. 

Originally Aaron and I had planned to take this trip together. Drive up to Boston like we had for the past 2 summers to spend time with his family, and continue on to Vermont. Needless to say, that wasn't how things panned out. So instead of backing out like my usual introverted self had planned to do, I went at it alone. It was a lovely little (long) drive. And I learned so much from that weekend spent with PB and friends. Check out some of my favorite images: 


Stretching my legs and getting upside down at the first rest stop in Athens, Tennessee.

PJ O'Rourke once said, "Woodstock had a tremendous impact on American artistic life. Yes, I know he was talking about the music festival of the late '60s, but I still enjoyed finding myself lost in this charming little Virginia town.

PJ O'Rourke once said, "Woodstock had a tremendous impact on American artistic life. Yes, I know he was talking about the music festival of the late '60s, but I still enjoyed finding myself lost in this charming little Virginia town.

I legitimately couldn't even tell you what state this is in, somewhere between Virginia and Pennsylvania. All I know is that it was early morning, the fog was gorgeous, the cows were grazing, and I literally pulled off onto the shoulder of the interstate to snap this pic.

Honestly, Philadelphia was my favorite stop by far! I took so many pictures of the city, but I'll spare you and just show my faves.

Philly has some amazing architecture, unlike anything I've ever seen in the south.

The One Liberty Observation Deck is perfect inside AND out. For those of you familiar with Atlanta, it kind of reminded me of visiting the top floor of the Westin downtown.

HipCityVeg was recommended as a must try for vegan restaurants in Philly. And with their selection organic, non-GMO ingredients and delicious menu of burgers, wraps, salads and smoothies I'd have to agree. Apparently they've got locations in Philadelphia and Washington DC. Go check them out if you're in the area.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm finding a charming little cafe no matter what city I travel to. Maglinero did it for me in Burlington. It's a chill little spot with Counter Culture coffee (one of my faves) espresso, vegan chocolates, and other goodies in a minimalist industrial space featuring art exhibits and even a bookshop!

Enjoying their signature matcha milkshake and some local chocolates.

I listened to this knowledgable barista speak coffee for about 45 minutes.

Cute little bookshop tucked away in the cafe.

New Moon Cafe: self-proclaimed "vegan experts".

New Moon Cafe in downtown Burlington prides themselves on being 'the vegan experts'. This vegan delight sandwich with grilled seitan, hummus, avocado, basil pesto, grilled zucchini and eggplant and spinach sure was amazing. And of course in the background, my signature iced chai latte with almond milk. They may be the vegan experts after all!

Although I didn't spend very much time in my hotel room, they did give me a gorgeous west facing room with a kitchenette on the third floor. The lighting was amazing, and I got to take some boudoir style shots that I'll possibly share later.

We also happened to show up during Burlington's annual Festival of Fools featuring music, comedy, and street performers (which not gonna lie, is a little weird when you're trying to chill out during yoga nidra)

Enjoying the festivities!

King of dreamily gazing off into the distance to be honest.

Oh you know, just Clay being impossible before we learn about handstands.

Reuniting with beautiful Isabelle. I'm forever in awe of how she speaks English with a little flair of her French accent.

Sara's shirt says 'MORE BADASS THAN BENDY', but I assure you she is BOTH badass AND bendy.

Savasana on the docks after 2 very intense hours of core work.

I'm not quite sure what Patrick was explaining, but we were all very tuned in.

Learning how to support our partners in backbends.

"Painting" our partners to help guide them deeper into their backbends.

Me, applying what I learned in the backbending workshop to take pictures for the 'gram.

Reinventing the wheel.

Lifting in bow pose.

Lifting in bow pose.

Quite possibly the most gorgeous dhanurasana I've ever seen.

Stef showing us her beautiful king pigeon pose!

I told you Sara was badass!

Marines do yoga too!

We found Nemo!

Hanging out by the docks in between workshops.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't go a little overboard taking pictures of Bryan. He's so dang photogenic!

Isabelle brought her husband along and asked Patrick to infuse the love of yoga in him like he did with her years prior. Hopefully it worked!

Frédéric posed for one of my snaps.

Obligatory handstand pic (although I will admit both my contacts fell out immediately after I took this picture and I did yoga basically blind).

Made a quick pit stop in Boston on the way back, because any chance to meet Mark Wahlberg is a chance that needs to be taken.

Think they've won enough championships?

If I'm never seen or heard from again, you can find me in Boston living in gorgeous brick walk ups, forgetting to pronounce my R's.

There's nothing really remotely defining about this picture, but to me something about it just screams "Massachusetts".

I could add at least a dozen more pictures to this post, but I won't. If you've scrolled through all of these you're a freaking trooper. I hope you enjoyed a peek at my travel diaries, maybe even feel as if you've traveled a little bit with me.

Wherever you go somehow becomes a part of you, and I am made richer and better by all the people I've met and things I've experienced.

Until next time.